Jacks Dywidag

Dywidag jacks are characterized by their reliability and versatility. Due to the availability of replaceable parts, the pre-voltage sockets can be adapted to different cable sizes. Dywidag jacks are made of high-strength materials (steel and / or aluminum alloys).

A carbon fiber reinforced (carbon fiber) jack with lightweight construction is an ideal alternative to conventional jacks made of aluminum or steel (weight reduction of 60% or more).

Work on the tension of cables and rod anchors can be carried out in most cases without a lifting mechanism with the help of one or two workers.

Despite the fact that the hollow piston cylinder is made of light carbon fiber, it is very durable and strong and suitable for carrying out work on the prestressing of reinforcing ropes and anchors.

The use of various optional accessories makes this device universally applicable.

The surface of the equipment is resistant to atmospheric influences, so they underwent careful processing (chromium plating, galvanizing). Thus, all conditions for the long service life of the jacks have been created.

Devices Dywidag characterized by a solid construction, which has been proven to operate for decades in severe jobs. The highest standards of material, workmanship and safety of application make Dywidag jacks the necessary equipment for prestressing structures.

Main advantages:

Steel or aluminum construction

Longevity of operation at the construction site

Maximum loads up to 15000 kN