Tower crane LIEBHERR 132HC/280.4

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Liebherr 132HC/280.4 (120HC)

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Tower crane Liebherr 132HC/280.4 from the warehouse in Kyiv over Ukraine for 2-3 working days

  • Liebherr tower crane model 132HC/280.4, produced in 1982 by Liebherr-Werk BIBERACH GmbH (Germany).
  • Crane is a used in good working condition, arrived in Ukraine from Germany in 2020, where there was a prompt qualified technical support.
  • Tower crane Liebherr 132HC/280.4 was not exploited in Ukraine, зis in storage at the BUDTECHNIKA KRAN BOR base in Kyev. Ukraine.
  • Liebherr 132HC/280.4 tower crane has an excellent lifting capacity of 2200 kg at a maximum outreach of 50 m, will be an excellent solution for the construction of multi-storey houses, simultaneously several sections, thanks to the sufficient length of the jib, lifting capacity, speed of work.
  • Top-slewing Liebherr tower cranes have proven to be reliable, powerful and easy to operate.

Details of the tower crane Liebherr 132HC/280.4 (120HC)

Max. lifting capacity 8 000 kg
Max jib length / Max. radius 50 m
Hook height 58 m
Lifting capacity at max. radius 2 200 kg
Maximum free-standing height 58 m
Hoist gear 30 kW
Total power requirement 54 kW
Hoisting speed 13 m/min.
Foundation of the crane Cross with a set of concrete ballast and a base tower section 4,95 m
Managing from the cab or radio control from the remote control on the cable

The buyer is presented with a set of technical documentation:

  • Instruction manual
  • Spare parts catalog
  • Passport of a tower crane in Ukrainian

Additional services for FREE

  • WARRANTY (except ropes and electrical equipment)
  • Advice on the operation, installation, tower crane start-up
  • Providing supporting documentation: instruction manual, spare parts catalog
  • Complete with Passport of a tower crane in Ukrainian

Additional equipment and services

  • Foundation anchor new (reinforced)
  • Installation of a tower crane on the construction site of the customer
  • Running a tower crane at the buyer's construction site

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