Sale, rent, service of construction equipment: tower and fast-erecting cranes LIEBHERR, spare parts and accessories for tower cranes LIEBHERR, POTAIN, drilling machines, compact rigs GEOTEC, components and parts for construction machinery.


Is an enterprise specialized in the sale of new and used tower cranes, trailer cranes, truck cranes. BUDTECHNIKA KRAN BOR engaged in supplying components and Electrical equipment for cranes firms RAIMONDI, LIEBHERR, SAEZ, KLAAS and others. We have the experience to supply the former building special equipment to operate in Ukraine such as: drilling and piling machines CASAGRANDE, BORAMTEC, BAUER, drilling tools. Experience in Europe and to establish links with Western partners allow us to offer a wide range of techniques with the shortest delivery time and at the lowest prices.


The exclusive official representative in Ukraine and Russia – the company BUDTEHNIKA.
Malogabaritnye rigs crawler, built on a modular system (drilling for water, the heat of the earth, geological exploration, micropiles, soil stabilization and foundations).


The exclusive official representative in Ukraine – the company BUDTEHNIKA.
Original spare parts and accessories for the entire range of tower and mobile cranes LIEBHERR (tower sections, frame attachment to the building, the anchor, electrical equipment, cargo ropes).

AUDRA Augsburger Drahtseilfabrik GmbH (Germany)

The exclusive official representative in Ukraine is the company BUDTEKHNIKA KRAN BOR. Manufacture of steel ropes and accessories for lifting in all branches of industry, mechanical engineering, construction, construction of cable-stayed structures. Steel cables for tower, mobile, bridge cranes, drilling machines of various designs and sizes.

DYWIDAG-Systems International DSI (Germany)

The official representative in Ukraine is the company BUDTEKHNIKA KRAN BOR. DSI is the world's leading provider of innovative technologies for construction and metro. DSI designs, manufactures and supplies DYWIDAG systems for prestressing monolithic structures, engineering geology, geotechnical systems for the construction industry

JUWEL – Schraubtechnik (Germany)

JUWEL-Schraubtechnik is the manufacturer of a reliable, professional tool for working with bolted connections. Mechanical and hydraulic equipment for maintenance of bolted connections: mechanical multipliers; electric torque wrenches; pneumatic torque wrenches; Hydraulic Torque Wrench