Compact rig ROTOMAX M
Length in transport position 4670 mm
Transport height 1920 mm
Transport width 780 mm
Weight 1 900- 2400 kg
Height in working position 5435 mm
Power ratings 44 kW
Information Water Well Drilling,
geothermal drilling
(ground heat), and others. kinds of drilling
Drilling dry cased hole diameter: 219 mm
well depth: 30 m
Drilling hollow auger HBS 185/100 hole diameter: 195 mm
well depth: 30 m
Drilling washing hole diameter: 190 mm
well depth: 120 m
Drilling with hammer hole diameter: 190 mm
well depth: 120 m
Chassis caterpillar (rubber on a metal basis)
Spreading within 780 – 1200 mm
Drive 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine,
diesel tank 80 l
air-cooled, electric start generator
, hours counter
The hydraulic system The operating pressure of 200 bar
closed system of high-pressure Load-Sensing 0-70 l /min
hydraulic oil tank: 160 l
Drilling carriage feed system with cylinder supply chain and special rollichnoy
force from the bottom: 20 kN, for slaughter: 10 kN
Feeding stroke: 1.340 mm
Rotator with hydraulic switch Hydraulic 3-step:
stage 1: 4.400 Nm, 50 rev /min
2nd stage: 2,200 Nm, 100 rev /min
third .stupen: 1.100 Nm to 200 rev /min
Mast height of rise 1.200 /4.400 mm
force Wake up to 3.000 kg Mast General
traction 7.000 kg
Winch Hydraulic The traction force: 1.200 daNm
Capacity: 70 m
rope diameter: 8 mm
Clamp rods Hydraulic clamping up to a diameter of 50 – 324 mm
Shock-rope mechanism The traction force: 0-500 daN
lifting stroke: 500 mm
0-45 beats /min
Wash Pump Capacity: 1,080 l /min at a pressure of 8 bar
Extension Mast Telescopic Optional extension 1000 mm
hook load of 1,200 kg