RAIMONDI tower and self-erecting cranes:

RAIMONDI CRANES company (Milan, Italy) – one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-rise tower cranes. `RAIMONDI` produces a wide range of tower cranes, from rapidly self-erecting to tall tower crane with elevating capacity up to 14 tons, tower up to 150 m and boom up to 80 m.
Exceptional reliability, high performance and manufacturability, combined with reasonable pricing applied by the manufacturer, make RAIMONDI cranes one of the most common and preferred in Europe.

RAIMONDI CRANES cranes are certified in Ukraine.


KLAAS telescopic trailer cranes:

The machine has four-sectional main boom and three-sectional fly jib that increases the zone of reach by envelope.
As a result, capacity is 250 kg, with radius of 19m and height of 16m hook. In addition, the machine is full revolving.

  • Maximum hoisting height is 29 m.
  • Maximum load capacity is 1.3 tonnes.
  • Applied to work with the installation of wooden roof trusses, as well as a lift.


Repair parts and components for LIEBHERR tower cranes:

We supply the original spare parts and accessories for the maintenance and repair of all the model series of LIEBHERR tower cranes from Germany.

We offer all the necessary range to ensure that your equipment will always be on the move:

  • sections of the tower;
  • fastening frames to the building;
  • anchors;
  • electric equipment;
  • cargo ropes, etc.