Аренда башенного крана

Rental of tower cranes Liebherr models 112 EC-H, 120 НС, 140 НС, 140 ЕС-Н.

Max. capacity: 6-8 t

Max. capacity at max. jib length: 1550 – 2200 kg

Jib lengths: 55 m – 60 m

Type of tower: 120 HC (132 HC)

Working Height: 20-150 m

Hoist gear: 31-45-61 kW

Base: Fundamentanker, cruciform base, rail-track

Our experienced, technically competent tower crane drivers provide a reliable uninterrupted operation of the tower crane at your facility.

The presence of a large number of spare parts in stock ensures the uninterrupted operation of our cranes on the construction site.

Qualified millwrights quickly, reliably, qualitatively carry out assembly-disassembly, repair at any height.

Tower crane Liebherr