Drilling equipment


The main products of the company – small-type drill rigs for different types of work:

  • Water-well drilling
  • Geothermal drilling in the heat of land
  • Rock drilling
  • Drilling under the mini-piles, the diameter of 320 mm
  • Drilling in a complex indoor environment using the electric motor instead of the diesel one
  • Drilling using trailing drill boom mounted on an excavator with remote control
  • Drilling for blasting by the new method of boring casing
  • Core drilling method for geological exploration
  • Drilling in the casing by rotary-percussion drilling method
  • Drilling in difficult conditions at altitude up to 50 m by using drill boom
  • Rope boring method in the casing (by auger)


Advantages of the small-type drilling equipment which allow to meet all requirements of a costumer:

  • Compact technical solution using various drilling methods.
  • Relatively small size.
  • Ease of transportation.
  • Cross-country (rubber-track chassis).