1. Refund and return policy

These conditions protect both the Buyer and the Seller’s company and ensure that any potential issues are resolved fairly and efficiently.

Construction machinery and its components are expensive and complex equipment often used for extended periods. If you decide to return construction machinery or its parts, it is essential to know the return conditions to avoid penalties or other problems. Construction equipment and its components can be returned within a specific period after purchase. This period is specified in the Purchase-Sale Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer. If you return the equipment during this period, you will receive full compensation for the equipment’s cost, provided that it was not damaged.

2. Warranty Conditions (Product Returns)

2.1. The return conditions for construction machinery depend on several factors, including the type of equipment, the reason for the return, and the Seller’s return policy.

Our company accepts returns of construction machinery and components within a certain period after purchase, provided that the equipment has not been damaged or used.

2.2. The shipment of the goods to the Seller’s company is carried out according to the terms specified in the Purchase-Sale Agreement or by additional agreement with the Buyer.

2.3. To process warranty service, exchange, or return of the product, the Buyer must provide the following set of documents and materials when contacting the Company:

• Before accepting the product, the Buyer checks its condition and completeness. If defects or incompleteness are found, please inform the company as soon as possible.

• The product must be presented in its original packaging, subject to warranty service, exchange, or return.

• A full set of accessories and parts of the product must be presented according to the operating instructions.

• Provision of a complete set of technical documentation, including the warranty card for the product and other necessary documents.

• Submission of an application for warranty or product return.

2.4. The warranty does not cover the following malfunctions:

• Mechanical damage and damage caused during product installation;

• Damage to cables, ropes, or wires due to improper installation and handling;

• Hydraulic shock and its consequences, arising from violations of parts usage rules;

• Damage caused by the ingress of mechanical objects, animals, insects, liquids, or other substances into the product;

• Damage caused by natural disasters (fire, flooding, etc.);

• Damage caused by non-compliance with state standards for power supply systems, cable networks, signal sources, and other devices operating and connected to the product;

• Damage caused by accidents in the power grid;

• Damage caused by the use of non-standard and homemade devices in conjunction with the product.

2.5. Warranty terms and limitations are subject to the warranty document in the Purchase Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.

Refer to the operating instructions and warranty terms for detailed information about the warranty and the procedure for making claims.

3. Return and Exchange Terms

The terms for return and exchange of goods depend on the delivery conditions, especially if the product is supplied on order from another country. Before purchasing such goods, please familiarize yourself with the following information:

• Goods supplied on order from another country may require additional time for transportation and customs clearance. Consider this time when ordering the product.

• Possible terms for exchanging goods are determined depending on the type of the product and its availability in stock.

Please note that the Company adheres to established rules and procedures for warranty service and product returns.

For additional information, please contact our customer support service. Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Current Return and Exchange policy and Conditions are publicly available at the following link: