Башенный кран BPR GT 222 C2

[:ua]Башенный кран BPR GT 222 C2[:]

SALE: BPR GT 222 C2 POTAIN tower crane

Tower crane was used, year of manufacture 1989.

Specifications BPR GT 222 C2 POTAIN:

– Production: BPR CADILLON France (POTAIN).

– Maximum load capacity: 8 tons.

– Maximum lifting capacity at maximum jib length: 1,4 tons.

– Maximum jib length: 55 m.

– Height under the hook: 42 m.

– Type of tower crane installation: crane with a set of concrete ballast.

– Technical condition: excellent, working, Guarantee (except for ropes and electrical equipment). The crane was imported from Switzerland, has not been exploited in Ukraine..

– Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.

The price of the crane POTAIN BPR GT 229 C2 height 42 m: 1 600 000,00 UAH. (Without VAT 20%).

Optional crane equipment: a complete set of tower sections to raise the height of the crane to 42 m.

Qualified high-rise installers quickly, reliably, qualitatively perform assembly-disassembly, repair at any height.